ecoDa EU Alert – Week 11

EcoDan viikkokirje: Kestävän rahoituksen asiantuntijaryhmä julkaisi lopppuraporttinsa

In this issue, we highlight the following topics:

1. EU Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance: Final Report on Sustainable Finance
2. EFES: Annual Economic Survey of Employee Share Ownership in European Countries
3. ecoDa, Euronext, Ibabs and PwC’s webinar on “The Future of Boards: Evolution, Digitalisation and Tax Governance”
4. France: Impact of Covid19 on AGM’s season
5. UK: British fund industry warns companies on climate risk
6. The British Academy’s report: Next paper
7. CGLytics: European Board Diversity
8. EC: New Circular Economy Action Plan
9. EC: European Industrial and SMEs Strategy Package
10. McKenzie: “Sustainable Finance: From Niche to New Normal”
11. ecoDa’s News

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