ecoDa EU Alert – Weeks 12 & 13

ecoDan viikkokirjeessä muun muassa uutta tietoa ilmiantajien suojelusta.

In this issue, we highlight the following topics:

  1. EP : Whistleblowers’ protection
  2. EP: Taxonomy
  3. EP: TAX3 Committee
  4. ESMA: Response to EC consultation on climate-related guidelines
  5. ESMA: Q&AS relating to the Prospectus Regulation and the Transparency Directive
  6. Video on DAC6 – EU Directive on cross-border tax arrangements
  7. France: PACTE Law adopted
  8. UK: BEIS Committee report – ’Executive Rewards: paying for success
  9. India: National Guidelines on Responsible Business
  10. Swiss Federal Council initiates consultation on improving framework conditions for blockchain
  11. Norway: Robots should be authorized as financial advisers

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