ecoDa EU Alert – Week 12

Euroopan komissio jatkaa ympäristöllisten ohjeistustensa laatimista. Asiaa myös vastuullisesta sijoittamisesta ja kestävästä rahoituksesta.

European Institutions
-EP: Lessons learned from the Wirecard case;
-EC: Guidelines on the Environmental Liability Directive;
-EC: considers labelling gas as sustainable in investor rule book;
-Platform on Sustainable Finance’s Recommendations;

European Developments
-Euronext: Launches new CAC40 ESG Index;
-AccountancyEurope: launches its Sustainable tax systems project;
-Can responsible investing encourage retail investors to invest in equities?

International Developments
-IFRS: Accelerating convergence in global sustainability reporting standards;
-Article: Linking pay to ESG targets ‘could have unintended consequences’;

National Developments
-UK: Consultation to restore trust in audit and corporate governance;
-ESG debate moves swiftly forward in the SEC;

-Recording: Investing in Climate Action;
-The Governance landscape: creating a sustainable future;

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