ecoDa EU Alert – Week 18

Euroopan parlamentin käsittelyssä mm. kestävä raportointi ja ulkomaisen tuen sääntely. Sijoittajat ja elinkeinoelämä ovat laatineet parlamentille kirjelmän tulevasta kestävän hallinnoinnin direktiivistä.

European Institutions Developments
-EC: Conference on the CSRD;
-EC: New regulation to address distortions caused by foreign subsidies;

International Developments
-IOSCO’s call for a sustainability standards board under the IFRS;

European Developments
-Business and investors’ organisations letter to the EC on the upcoming Sustainable CG initiative;
-ERTI: Key performance indicators for the EU’s digital transformation;
-Publication: Early Stage Governance Guide;

National Developments
-Luxembourg: Sustainability Competence Assessment (ILA);
-Norway: Proposal to change to the Norwegian CG Code;
-UK: ’Policy Vision’ to drive forward UK leadership on sustainable finance;
-UK: FTSE 100 rejects the idea of employee director to boost worker engagement;
-Australia: New guide to help directors elevate stakeholder voices to the board;
-Japan: to include human rights reference in its corporate governance code;

-Creating value and managing impact through integrated sustainability disclosure;

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