ecoDa EU Alert – Week 24

Osa jäsenmaista vastustaa edelleen listayhtiöiden hallitusten sukupuolikiintiö-direktiiviä, kertoo ecoDan viikkokirje.

European Institutions Developments
– EC’s Scrutiny Board: Negative opinion on the impact assessment of the Sustainable CG  file
– EC: Upcoming study on Audit Directive and Regulation delayed
– Council: Member States still opposed to the Directive on Women on boards
– EU Taxonomy Compass
– EFRAG: Consultation on its due procedure for EU sustainability reporting standard-setting
– EP: Committees endorsed the public country-by-country reporting deal
– EP: Discussion with French MPs on international taxation

European Developments
– Eurosif Letter to the EC on the new EU sustainable finance strategy
– Views: Building an effective anti-money laundering ecosystem

International Developments
– OECD New standard for internationnaly active state owned enterprises
– GRI: asked to develop an updated biodiversity standard for sustainability reporting

National Developments
-UK Report: Paying well by paying for good
-Italy: Report on non-financial reporting of Italian listed companies

-Sustainable Finance: State of play and next steps
-Dramatic changes in public markets
-The S in the ESG: Best practices

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