ecoDa EU Alert – Week 28

ecoDan viikkokirje on pullollaan asiaa kestävästä rahoituksesta ja vastuullisuusraportoinnista.

European Institutions Developments
– EC: Guidance on due diligence
– EC: The second phase of the SFRD delayed by a further 6 months
– EC: Platform on sustainable finance’s draft reports
– EFRAG: Good reporting practices on sustainability-related risks and opportunities
– EFRAG: Project Task Force on European sustainability reporting standards
– ECB pledges to factor climate change more into policy

International Developments
– A new ISO standard on the promotion and implementation of gender equality under consideration

European Developments
– Accountancy Europe’s reponse to the UK consultation on ”restoring trust in audit and CG”
– NGO Policy briefing on sustainable corporate governance

National Developments
– France: Paris Legal Makers
– UK Research: CEO Compensation: Evidence from the field
– UK: Climate-related governance and reporting consultation

– Shareholder votes on climate action plans ’more complex’ than expected;

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