ecoDa EU Alert – Week 3

EcoDan viikkokirje: Komissio esitti Euroopan vihreän kehityksen investointiohjelman EU-parlamentille

In this issue, we highlight the following topics:

  1. Successes of Croatian EU Council Presidency and Commission are linked, according to Mrs von der Leyen
  2. Commission presents its ‘Investment Plan for a Sustainable Europe’ to European Parliament
  3. BlackRock CEO letter issues warning on sustainability disclosures
  4. WEF: Sustainable finance starts with data
  5. AccountancyEurope: Interconnected Standard Setting for Corporate Reporting
  6. The US Institute of Internal Auditors: The Governance Benchmark
  7. EwoB: Gender Diversity Index
  8. US: Public companies support SEC proposal on proxy firms
  9. ecoDa News

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