ecoDa EU Alert – Week 30

EcoDan viikkokirje: BPPG julkaisi päivitetyt periaatteet proxy advisoreille.

In this issue, we highlight the following topics:

  1. BPPG: The new 2019 Practices Principles for Shareholder Voting Research & Analysis
  2. EFRAG European Lab: Call for Participation to the dialogue on Climate-Related Reporting
  3. EFRAG: Public consultation and Conference on Fostering Innovation in Corporate Reporting
  4. PwC: UK Report on the future of Audit
  5. FRC: Reporting of Non-Financial Conduct to the Financial Reporting Council
  6. INSEAD Directors Forum
  7. ECGI Roundtable Report: “Why are Fewer Companies Going Public?” Hosted by Stockholm School of Economics in Riga
  8. EC: Report of the application of GDPR by members states
  9. ecoDa News

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