ecoDa EU Alert – Week 37

Vastuullisuus, ympäristö ja corporate governance -asiat ovat vahvasti esillä ecoDan viikkokirjeessä.

In this issue, we highlight the following topics:

1. EP: Ongoing debates on Corporate Governance topics
2. European Commission Reshuffle (Cicero note)
3. EBA: Consultation to revise its Guidelines on internal governance
4. EFRAG: Appoints members and Chair for the European Lab Project Task Force
5. Report: What is needed for progress towards comprehensive corporate reporting
6. Report from Institut Montaigne: Responsible Capitalism: An Opportunity for Europe
7. Report: From policy to practice: Testing the EU Taxonomy
8. Report: ecoDa & Mazars joint publication “Times to put sustainability at the heart of business”
9. Event: 26th European Corporate Governance Conference
10. Event: Global Supply Chains – Global Responsibility Conference
11. ecoDa’s News

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