ecoDa EU Alert – Week 39

Monipuolisella corporate governance -kärjellä varustettu ecoDa-uutiskirje sisältää myös runsaasti asiaa verotuksesta, rahoituksesta, tasa-arvosta ja riskienhallinnasta.

In this issue, we highlight the following topics:

1. EP: Corporate Governance issues discussed
2. EC: Action plan to boost the European Union’s Capital Markets Union
3. EC: A new Digital Finance Package
4. ESMA: Proposals to help prevent and detect withholding tax reclaim schemes
5. EP: New subcommittee on tax matters
6. Germany: Finance Minister endorses country-by-country reporting of MNE tax information
7. ECGI Working Paper: Corporations, Directors’ Duties and Public/Private Divide
8. Papers: A Resilience Framework for Catastrophe Risks
9. Report: The annual Female FTSE Board Report
10. Report: Risks in 2021
11. ecoDa’s News

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