ecoDa EU Alert – Week 39

ecoDan viikkokirje tarjoaa jälleen useita näkökulmia vastuullisuusraportointiin.

European Institutions Developments
– EP Study: The role of non-financial performance indicators and integrated reporting in achieving sustainable value creation
– EP: Objections to the EU Taxonomy rejected
– Council: member states question legal basis for CBCR
– EP Study: Ways to lower compliance costs and improve EU corporate taxation

European Developments
– The Assembly of the Council of Europe calling to address issues of criminal and civil liability in the context of climate change
– Podcast: Reporting beyond the financials

National Developments
– UK: CMA publishes guidance to tackle greenwashing
– Latvia: steps up reform of state-owned enterprises

International Developments
– Report: Sustainable data: quantifying the path forward
– Report: The glaring absence of climate risks in financial reporting
– Report: Taking stock of investor implementation of the UN Guinding Principles on Business and Human Rights

– Sustainable CG: Setting the incentives and obligations for companies to transition towards sustainability

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