ecoDa EU Alert – Week 49

ecoDan viikkokirje: Kestävän rahoituksen luokittelujärjestelmän eli taksonomian ensimmäinen osa hyväksyttiin.

European Institutions Developments
– EC: Guidelines on the standardised presentation of a remuneration report
– EESC: Opinion on the role of corporate taxes in corporate governance
– Council: Common position reached to tackle gender pay gap
– Council: First part of the Taxonomy approved

International Developments
– B Lab: SDG Insights Report
– Australian regulator shies away from mandatory climate disclosure
– NACD Board Talk: The powerful forces of ESG and activism

European Developments
– French EU Presidency: Priorities and position on Sustainable Corporate Governance file
– NGOs ask von der Leyen to intervene on delayed corporate human rights law

National Developments
– Belgium Corporate Governance Committee: ESG toolkit
– UK FRC: Creating positive culture: opportunities and challenges
– GUBERNA: Newly published reports
– Dutch government: Pushes for national due diligence rules

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