ecoDa EU Alert – Week 8

ESG-asiat ovat voimakkaasti pinnalla EU-maissa ja myös globaalisti. Kestävyys- ja vastuullisuusasiat ovat myös tiiviisti Euroopan parlamentin agendalla.

European Institutions
-Council: country-by-country reporting;
-EC: EU Tax Observatory;
-ESAs: technical standards on sustainability-related disclosures;
-EP: sends signals for more sustainable products;
-EP: S&Ds lead the drive for EU rules on business behaving responsibly;

European Developments
-Article: EC triggers unease with ESG approach (IPE);

International Developments
-Article: ESG strategy as a complex corporate challenge for boards (BoardAgenda);
-Report: Corporate governance and ESG disclosures in the EU (CFA Institute);
-Publication: China’s SOEs and competitive neutrality (Bruegel);

National Developments
-France: Corporate Governance as a lever for sustainable performance (IFA);
-UK: FRC encourages more transparency when reporting;

-2021 Corporate Governance Symposium;
-Responsible Business Conduct, a look at upcoming initiatives;
-How can Capital Markets Union new action plan boost Europe’s economic recovery?

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