Directors’ Institute Finland raises awareness and carries out its purpose by influencing, education and networking. In partnership with other professional organizations and experts, Directors’ Institute Finland (DIF) contributes to the development of the professional capabilities of its members, and thus enhances its position as a leader in the national debate on corporate governance. DIF has defined The Cornerstones of Good Board Work.

Purpose statement

DIF’s Purpose statement summarizes the focus and role of the association in society:

  • DIF advances its members’ abilities to work in company boards.
  • Good board work enhances the competitiveness of companies.
  • The society needs responsible and successful companies.

Develop. Network. Influence.

Principles and values of the association

Directors’ Institute Finland acts by:

  • Influencing: position-taking and expressing important issues relating to corporate board responsibilities and governance
  • Developing: providing tools for our members to improve their professional skills and expertise
  • Networking: providing opportunities for our members to meet each other and connect with other professional associations and organizations.

The values of the association are based on integrity, enhancing shareholder-value and good corporate governance.


The organization of the association consists of the board, board committees, general secretary and the office.

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