DIF – Directors’ Institute Finland aims to rise awareness and carry out its mission: to be a leader in the national debate on corporate governance. In cooperation with other organizations and experts, Directors’ Institute Finland contributes to the development of professionalism in the boards through its members.


Directors’ Institute Finland helps to support success, profitability and growth of Finnish businesses.

DIF is a non-profit organization – a network of professional board members of Finnish companies – which aims to promote corporate governance and standards, and contribute to the work of corporate boards and non-executive directors through influencing, educating and networking. DIF is a member organization of the European Confederation of Directors’ Associations (ecoDa). With ecoDa cooperation DIF engages with international trends.


Directors’ Institute Finland is a leading forum for the development of corporate governance and standards.

DIF develops professional skills and expertise of its members and promotes good governance and success of Finnish companies. It is an influential membership organization and an active participant in the national debate on corporate governance.

The role of corporate boards is increasingly important. Globalization of business and markets has led to broader responsibilities, new challenges and increased work-loads facing non-executive directors, requiring good corporate governance practices and skills.

Principles and values

  • Influence: taking position and influencing important issues relating to corporate board responsibilities and governance
  • Education: providing tools for our members to develop their professional skills and expertise
  • Network: providing opportunities for our members to meet, connect and cooperate with other professional associations and organizations.

The values of the association are based on integrity, enhancing shareholder-value and good corporate governance.

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