ecoDa EU Alert – Week 11

Kestävän hallinnoinnin kehittäminen saa myös EU:n ulkopuolista tukea. Euroopan parlamentin ympäristö- ja vastuullisuustoimet etenevät vahvasti.

European Institutions
-EP: Draft report on company environmental liability adopted;
-EP: Linking executive compensation to sustainability performance;
-EP: Public hearing on the Wirecard case;
-ESAs: Consultation on Taxonomy-related product disclosures;

European Developments
-Comment: AGMs have lost their sense of purpose;
-Position Paper: Building a credible green bond market;
-European NGOS call for stricter reporting requirements for company in sustainability matters;

International Developments
-Call to Action on Sustainable Corporate Governance;
-UN adopts landmark framework to integrate natural capital in economic reporting;

National Developments
-UK: Investors warn dual class shares ‘erode’ shareholder rights;
-Germany: government committee proposes steps for ’great transformation’ of sustainable finance sector

-Climate Governance Initiative: Global Summit;
-Audit & Assurance of sustainability Information;

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