ecoDa EU Alert – Week 14

Uutiskirjeessä muun muassa arvio ei-taloudellisen raportoinnin direktiivistä, vastuullisuusriskiopas, EY:n Board Agenda 2021 sekä useita tapahtumainfoja.

European Institutions
-Review of the Non Financial Reporting Directive;
-ESMA: Report on the functioning of the regime for SME Growth Markets;

European Developments
-European Tripartite Summit: Business Europe Speech;
-Report: Sustainability risk guide for European risk managers ;
-EFES: Annual Economic Survey of Employee Share Ownership in Europe;

International Developments
-Net zero asset managers now represents 36% of all invested capital in the world;
-EY Publication: 2021 Board Agenda;
-Working Paper: Rewriting Corporate Law (ECGI)

National Developments
-UK: Podcast on Restoring Trust in Audit and Corporate Governance;
-Germany’s proposed legislation on audit worries;
-Japan: Proposal to revise its CG Code;

-Conference on the review of the NFRD;
-Taxonomy-related product disclosure;
-ICSA: Annual Conference – 2021 Governance

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