ecoDa EU Alert – Week 3

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European Institutions Developments

  • EP: Deal on new EU measures against money laundering
  • ESAs: Publication of the first set of rules under DORA for ICT and third-party risk management and incident classification
  • Council: Discussion between Environment Ministers in Brussels

International Developments

  • IIA release of the Global Internal Audit Standards
  • Shell case: A shareholder resolution demands Shell to align climate objectives
  • World Economic Forum meeting in Davos: Highlights on AI and global cooperation

European Developments

  • Trade unions alarmed by EU’s industrial collapse

National Developments

  • USA: ESG performance ’now an integral factor in executive pay’


  • Guide on compliance professionals adapting to change
  • McKinsey: Accelerating Europe: Competitiveness for a new era


  • ERA Annual Conference on European Company Law and Corporate Governance 2023