ecoDa EU Alert – Week 37

ecoDan viikkokirje: Pandemian taloudelliset ja sosiaaliset vaikutukset sekä ilmastonmuutos Ranskan EU-puheenjohtajuuden pääteemoja

European Institutions Developments
– Council: The French presidency’s priorities
– EP: Tax information sharing must improve significantly
– ESMA: Report on trends, risks and vulnerabilities

International Developments
– TPI publishes fresh scenarios

European Developments
– Update on the implementation of the Whistleblowing Directive
– Report: Europe’s top 25 banks failing on green pledges
– Report: Governance trends shaping 2021
– Report: SMEs’ digital future

National Developments
– France: Middlenext Corporate Governance Code updated

– The New Corporation: How ”good” corporations are bad for democracy
– How the benefits of mandatory sustainability reporting by business do outweigh the costs

– The promise of stakeholder capitalism: illusory or real?
– EC: EU Sustainable Investment Summit
– Sustainable Corporate Governance

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