ecoDa EU Alert – Week 37

ecoDan viikkokirje: Komissio ehdottaa pakkotyöllä tehtyjen tuotteiden kieltoa

European Institutions Developments
– EC: Proposal to ban products made with forced labour
– EP: Proposal for companies to help limit global deforestation

International Developments
– US: Companies to be rewarded for clawing back pay from staff who break law
– 19 State attorneys general investigating BlackRock for statements on ESG
– Japan: New guidelines on respect of human rights in responsible supply chains
– Investor coalition calls for mandatory climate disclosure

European Developments
– NGOs walk out of EU green finance group
– Frank Bold: A podcast on responsible business

– Sustainable corporate governance: A review of research on long-term corporate ownership and sustainability

Events / Webinars
– ECGI: Responsible Capitalism Summit
– BICG: ESG guidelines for effective boards

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