ecoDa EU Alert – Week 43-44

Kestävä hallinnointi jatkaa ecoDa-uutiskirjeen pääosassa. Lisäksi mukana on myös runsaasti ympäristöasiaa sekä tietoa koronapandemian riskienhallinnasta sekä osakkeenomistajien ja sidosryhmien intresseistä.

In this issue, we highlight the following topics:

1. EP and EC: Sustainable Corporate Governance
2. EP: Due Diligence and Corporate Accountability – Updates and Studies
3. EP: Liability of companies for environmental damages – Updates and Studies
4. Call for action: From Shareholders Primacy to Stakeholder Capitalism: a Policy Agenda for Systems Change (B Lab and The Shareholders Commons)
5. Paper: Shareholder Value in a Burning World (Project Syndicate)
6. Policy Paper European Green Transparency: Lessons from France and Further Room Improvement (Institut Jacques Delors)
7. Publication: The 2020 European AGM Season (Morrow Sodali)
8. Paper: Four ways boards can oversee risk management beyond Covid-19 (EY)
9. Global Survey: EY Board Barometer Survey
10. ecoDa’s News

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