ecoDa EU Alerts – Weeks 42 & 43

ecoDan viikkokirjeessä muun muassa: EU:n neuvosto hyväksyi EU-lain sukupuolten tasapuolisemmasta edustuksesta pörssiyhtiöiden johtokunnissa

European Institutions Developments
-EP: Public hearing on proportionate and commensurate due diligence in practice
-Council: Approval of the EU law to improve gender balance on company boards
-EC: To introduce a competitiveness-check in regulation
-EU agrees on reform of long-term investment funds
-EBA: Report on the integration of ESG risks in the supervision of investment firms

European Developments
-VW faces legal action over climate change lobbying activities

National Developments
-UK: Economic crime and corporate transparency reforms
-Belgium: FSMA’s proposal to strengthen checks and balances in the boardrooms

-Recent trends in shareholder activism in Germany

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